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Here at, we realize that your privacy is important. This page describes what type of personal and non-personal information may be received by ourselves and the measures that we take to ensure that all information is kept secure and handled safely. By supplying these details, we aim make it easier for your understand the implications on visiting our website and choosing to sharing your information with us. strives to deliver a high level of integrity throughout our online operations. We are fully committed to respecting the privacy of our online visitors.

Non-Personal Information

We may occasionally collect non-personal information from our online visitors. This non-identifying information may include such details as the type of web browser being used and the geographical location of our visitors. This information may be used to analyze the habits and trends of our visitors; however, it is never shared with third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Personal Information

Any personally-identifiable information that is provided by visitors is done so voluntarily. This information may include your name, address, phone number and email. This may be received when you contact us via any of the methods available on our website or by signing up to any offers, features or newsletters that we may offer now or in the future.

Personal information may occasionally be subjected to internal review and used to improve the quality of content that is featured on our web pages. We may also use information to contact visitors, send out newsletters and respond to general contact inquiries.

If ever request information from you, we will make you aware of how the information will be used before it is provided. Sharing your personal details and contact information with us is entirely optional and you are free to visit our website completely anonymously.

Once reviewed, all personal information is discarded or stored safely by ourselves in our company files. Should there be any significant changes to the way we collect and store personal information, a notice explaining the changes will be placed on our website. Your personal information will only be used internally; we never sell or pass your personal details on to third parties.

Email addresses visitors who choose to fill out our online forms or subscribe to any newsletters may receive solicited emails related to their contact request or subscription. We will never send un-solicited emails or use your email address for any other marketing activities. You are free to opt out of email subscriptions at any time by contacting us, updating your preferences or by clicking the unsubscribe link in your emails (whichever is applicable).

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons may use cookies (small identifiers that remain on your computer and allow us to recognize your browser) to remember your preferences and help personalize your visit to our site. These cookies can inform our servers that you visited, left or returned to a particular web page. This may allow us to improve your experience on future visits by remembering if you have previously logged in or registered for any of our services.

Third party links and websites that may appear on our site via advertising portals may also use cookies for their own purposes. No personal information is available to third parties advertisers.  If you prefer not have cookies stored on your system you can follow your specific browser instructions for managing cookies. By declining cookies in the settings of your browser, you should still be able to access our site without any issues but you may notice changes in your browsing experience.

Web beacons are image files that track your activity on a particular website or group of websites. They are mainly used by third-party traffic monitoring services. They are sometimes utilised in conjunction with tracking cookies to examine how visitors behave and interact during their time on a website.

Third-party advertisements provided by Google may also appear on this site. Google’s advertising software uses DART cookies that allow targeted adverts based on your website browsing habits.  It is possible to opt out of interest-based ads by changing your add settings via your Google account as part of the Google Ad and Content Network Privacy Policy.

Transfer of Information

If the website is transferred or sold, any information we have gathered from you on a voluntary basis may be passed to the new administrators to ensure continuation of the service provided.  In the event of any such changes, you will be informed of the details via our website. We will also take reasonable steps to ensure that any opt-out requests you have made are honoured by the new owners.

Removal of Information

By publishing this privacy policy, confirm our commitment to safeguarding and protecting all personal information gathered. Any personal information that has been voluntarily submitted to us can be deleted from our records upon request. If you would like to make changes to the personal information you have submitted, please use the form on our contact page.

Changes to this policy

In the event of significant changes to our privacy practices, details of the changes and a link to the new policy will be made available through our website.

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