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Frequently asked questions

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Is there a feature included in all plans?

Our core feature includes Incidents, Components, Scheduled Maintenances, Incident Templates, Component Groups, custom CNAME (ex:, Basic Customization, Status and Authenticated API, Team Member SSO, Third Party Components, Automation Integrations, Chat Integrations, Status Widget, Activity Log, Twitter Integration.

Is there extra cost for notifications?

Nope, all plans come with unlimited notifications. That said, the type of notifications we send (Email vs. SMS vs. Webhook) depends on your plan. Hobby comes with Email Notifications while Startup comes with Email, SMS, and Webhook Notifications.

What are premium team members?

Team members are people that can log into your account and do things (like create incidents, update component statuses, and other management functions) to update your status page.

Do you offer yearly credit card billing?

We do, although right now the setup is manual and requires a signed order form. If you're looking to sign up for a yearly plan via credit card, email us at and we're happy to help.